The Swiss Student Union (VSS-UNES-USU) in brief

VSS-UNES-USU represents students of universities, universities of applied sciences, pedagogical universities and Swiss federal institutes of technology on the national level. Its most important goals are equal opportunities in the access to higher education and democratisation of higher education institutions.

VSS-UNES-USU is composed of two legislative bodies, one executive body, four thematic committees (CIS, CodEg, HoPoKo, SoKo), a finance committee (CoFi) and a control committee (CC). The two legislative bodies are the Assembly of Delegates (two assemblies a year, the number of delegates is determined by the number of students each member represents) and the Members’ Council (at least nine meetings per year, each member has one vote). The executive committee is made up of 7 members. It is supported in its work by the association’s secretariat, which is comprised of on person responsible for the union’s administration, on person responsible for the union’s finances as well as other collaborators working on specific projects.