Higher Education Institutions (HEI) have a social responsibility. They educate future decision-makers, generate knowledge and innovation through their research, and influence public opinion. The Swiss Association of Student Organizations for Sustainability (VSN-FDD-FSS) and the Swiss Student Union (VSS|UNES|USU) encourage HEI to take on this responsibility and call on them to regard this social responsibility not only as an obligation but also as an opportunity: An opportunity to show society the scope for sustainable development.

As part of their cooperation, VSN-FFD-FFS and VSS|UNES|USU elaborated goals for Swiss Higher Education Institutions (HEI). These objectives relate to the following seven (7) areas: student participation, education and teaching, university management, research and development, infrastructure and everyday university life, living lab and innovation, and higher education policy.

With this position paper, the students want to contribute to the integration of sustainable development in Swiss HEI at all structural levels.

Demands Sustainability